[global-south] Outreach events around Tor Meeting in Mexico City

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Thu May 31 10:42:00 UTC 2018

Alison Macrina:
> On 05/30/2018 10:08 AM, sajolida wrote:
> We have indeed started the initial planning for the Mexico City meeting
> outreach. In addition to inviting some local Tor people to the full
> meeting, we've been working with Gunnar Wolf to identify local groups
> that we should invite to the public part of the meeting (the last two days).
> The next steps are for us to solidify our plans for the public days and
> then do some outreach efforts like a blog post, tweets, and contacting
> specific groups. We'll definitely mention this email list in that
> communication.

Cool! I can help with that as well.

> I'm working on the plans for the public days now, and when I have
> something drafted I'll be sharing it with the meeting planners list:
> https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/meeting-planners
> (you're welcome to join that list!).

I'm in now!

> Our next meeting about meeting
> planning will happen on 13 June at 1700 UTC in #tor-meeting.
> Oh, and another local outreach thing that some of us are working on is a
> feminist meetup at Rancho Electronic for 4 October. We'll probably
> restrict attendance to woman-identified and genderqueer people only.
> More info on that soon.

I've heard about this one as well through some friends. I'm also happy
to help if I can attend as a cis man (as you said "probably restrict").


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