[Tor www-team] WWW Meeting Tomorrow #tor-meeting 1400 UTC

Hiro hiro at torproject.org
Wed Jan 8 11:09:16 UTC 2020

Hey all,

Happy new year!

There is a www meeting tomorrow :)

#tor-meeting 14:00 UTC

Here is the pad for the agenda and updates:

I have also moved December notes to:

Also, I have prepared the following monthly report:

# What has happened in December in the Tor www world

- The blog template has finally been fixed 🎉 if you want to know more
about the blog status check the following Trac ticket:

- The download page has been improved based on feedback received since
the redesign. User research has been running over:

- We debugged errors in the build process for the websites. This was
affecting translations specifically more than other things.

- We uplifted the styleguide

- Our wiki content is now in one place:

- We improved on Localized links so that a visitor isn't taken out of
their locale while browsing.

- We applied some fixes for left-to-right/right-to-left support of
different langauges

Meeting notes for Dicember can be found:

This summary and past and future ones can be accessed online:

Please feel free to add more as I might have forgotten something. It can
also be accessed at the following link:

See you all tomorrow,


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