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Earl G globallogins at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 15:19:48 UTC 2014

i don't understand the verifying signatures
it dosent look like a clickable link and more of a process i should wait

On 31 March 2014 16:50, Lunar <lunar at torproject.org> wrote:

> William Papper:
> > The download site is nearly finished. The most current version can be
> > accessed here: http://wpapper.github.io/tor-download-web/
> Couple comments from my side:
>  * It says "Easily Download". I believe "Easily" should be removed.
>    Either it's easy and people don't care that it is, or it's not
>    and it seems we are trying to sell it as such.
>  * In the dropdown menus, there is a label as a first entry.
>    I think it's confusing because of the preselection.
>    What does it mean to download the version "Architecture"?
>  * I believe the language dropdown is self-explaining, but
>    the other two might not be. I believe icons to help users
>    when talking about operating systems, because they can see
>    the same image on the computer itself (stickers or engraved logo).
>  * We don't offer 64-bit builds for Windows and Mac OS X, so the current
>    division between OS and architecture is problematic: it is only valid
>    for Linux.
> I won't get into the problem of verifying signatures. It is really
> important and most users will fail while trying... But maybe it should
> still not appear in a footer.
> Thanks a lot for your work!
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