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Shweta Agrawal shwetaa2015 at email.iimcal.ac.in
Fri Jan 24 11:15:53 UTC 2014

I strongly agree with what Robert Charlton has said about logo. I don't
think we should change Logo in the process of redesign as it is what people
identifies and associate with. Changing logo might lead to confusion among
many novice users.

In my opinion, right now our focus should be on structuring the site layout
and make it easy to use for all users.

On 24 January 2014 14:35, Lunar <lunar at torproject.org> wrote:

> Robert Charlton:
> > Now, in complete disregard for what I just said, I'd like to talk a bit
> > about the logo. This is, I think, the most important part of our
> > project's presentation. Once the style guide is finished, it should be
> > one of the first things to (re-)design.
> I'd like to quote:
> http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-01-23/tor-anonymity-software-vs-dot-the-national-security-agency
>     In photographs he's often with his laptop, and on the cover of his
>     computer, a sticker shows a purple and white onion: the "o" in the
>     word "Tor."
> The current Tor logo has years and years of recognition. It's the only
> thing close to a "brand" that Tor currently has. Changing it drastically
> is going to be a really costly move. I am really not convinced that it's
> worthwhile
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