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Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Sat Jan 18 17:20:29 UTC 2014


Here's a couple of tasks you could pick if you wish to move things
forward regarding Tor website:

Create a sitemap for the current torproject.org website

It would be great to have a better idea of what the website already
contains. An inventory of what is already there, which personas it would
interest, what ought to be split, recycled or simply thrown away would
be really useful to think about the organization of the new website.

If you wonder where to put the result, it can be done directly on the
relevant ticket:
or on a dedicated wiki page, waiting to existing:

Experiment using some static website generators

The wiki page currently list three static website generators, namely
Pelican, Jekyll and Middleman.

It would truly help if some folks could start experimenting with them
so we get a better feeling of how much they could be fit for the Tor
Project's website or not.

As content, feel free to convert the some of the current WML website
or to use some of what ultrasandwidth has scrapped from blog.tpo:

Design a new navigation system

The navigation on the current Tor website has been said to be confusing.
There is the top-level bar, then the strange “Download, Volunteer,
Donate” buttons, and the second or third level navigation on the left…

I think we could start brainstorming around some design drafts on how
this could be made better.

Even if it's not likely to be what we end up with, using the 2010
original sitemap is probably still relevant to think about how pages
could be organized:

These are only what I can come up with. If you have an idea of another
concrete things that you thing could help moving us forward, please
go ahead!

(Thanks Rey for proof reading this mail.)

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