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r2 at riseup.net r2 at riseup.net
Fri Jan 17 03:57:40 UTC 2014

I take this oportunity to present myself, I'm a front end developer and
ethical hacker from south america. I'm reading the emails about the
development in the new Tor website and I hope to be able to contribute


> Hi all
> I missed this list when it was created, even when it touches two of my
> main points of interest:
> a) improve the Tor web page
> b) translate it
> I'm the Tor Spanish Help Team, so I help users when they write in spanish
> to help at r.t.o and also help with software translations in Transifex.
> I'm proficent in websites programming and in translating po files. I also
> worked in the translation of GnuPG and Debian.
> Regards
> Noel Torres
> er Envite
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