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Armin armin.baj at gmx.de
Wed Jan 15 23:27:08 UTC 2014

On 13.01.2014 02:36, Lunar wrote:
> Frithjof:
>> Unfortunately I don't think that Transifex helps much here: When you
>> are translating a complete web page, you need a lot more context than
>> when translating isolated strings in a program.
> My opinion on this:
> The current community of people working on translating Tor software is
> on Transifex. The tool is already working for them. I suggest we try to
> push website translations and see what they think. If the translators
> are unhappy with Transifex to work on web pages, then we can try
> different things to see what they would like. But let's focus on people
> here, tools should come after.

you're probably right. go the familiar route and only change if the pain
points are real (and not only imaginary).

if transifex is open to add (small) features for website translations,
that of course would be ideal.

the main problem is the lost context when you're filtering over
untranslated strings.
e.g. you select a paragraph/string but have no (easy) way to get to the
next or previous paragraphs (assuming they already have been translated).
that IMHO is a *real* pain in the ass. but then you probably could just
keep a browser with the real website open and get the context from there.

will the transifex integration be handled by the software guys? (as in:
the same people who did the integration to translate tor itself)
or is there need for any help?

> The other thing is that I think we should have a staging environment
> where translators can review their translation on a copy of the website
> right after pushing a change.

maybe a point to raise with the back-end/cms guys: the build-times for
the site-generator shouldn't get out of hand.

>  This would make them able to verify their
> translation in the best context possible.
> Setting up a staging environement is tracked in
> <https://bugs.torproject.org/10597>.
> Also, it's probably worthwhile to mention that translations *will* have
> to be manually reviewed before being merged in the official website
> to prevent attacks based on malicious code.

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