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Discourse seems very nice and can be used with blogs as this site has

I find this entry in the FAQ a bit disconcerting:

Should I switch to Discourse right now?
Probably not.

Discourse is brand new. Discourse is early beta software, and likely to
remain so for many months. Please experiment with it, play with it, give us
feedback, submit pull requests – but any consideration of fully adopting
Discourse is for people and organizations who are eager to live on the
bleeding and broken edge.

There is tremendous technical and sociological friction to change in any
established community. Consider carefully whether your community is willing
to adopt such a big change. Perhaps start a discussion about even the
possibility of such a change well in advance.

We believe Discourse currently makes the most sense for new discussion
communities. In some rare cases communities may have a discussion platform
that they intensely and actively dislike, to the point that they are
willing to throw the whole thing away and start over.

Also, pretty much any blogging solution is going to be using a database in
the back end so a strategy for the mirrors will be needed before long.

On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Lunar <lunar at torproject.org> wrote:

> Sam E. Lawrence:
> > Would we be open to using a 3rd party service for comments, like Disqus,
> or
> > would we still want to host all the comments ourselves, but separately
> from
> > the posts?
> See <https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10022>.
> We can't trust data retention policies of 3rd party services. So we
> would need something we can host ourselves. Andrew suggested Discourse
> <http://www.discourse.org/> as it is something the Tor Project could run
> on its own systems. It is not clear yet how complicated this would be.
> After some quick searches, I've also found:
>  * Juvia <https://github.com/phusion/juvia>
>  * comment-it <https://code.google.com/p/comment-it/>
> Those three should probably be compared more thoroughly.
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