[Tor www-team] Localization

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Mon Jan 13 01:36:29 UTC 2014

> Unfortunately I don't think that Transifex helps much here: When you
> are translating a complete web page, you need a lot more context than
> when translating isolated strings in a program.

My opinion on this:

The current community of people working on translating Tor software is
on Transifex. The tool is already working for them. I suggest we try to
push website translations and see what they think. If the translators
are unhappy with Transifex to work on web pages, then we can try
different things to see what they would like. But let's focus on people
here, tools should come after.

The other thing is that I think we should have a staging environment
where translators can review their translation on a copy of the website
right after pushing a change. This would make them able to verify their
translation in the best context possible.

Setting up a staging environement is tracked in

Also, it's probably worthwhile to mention that translations *will* have
to be manually reviewed before being merged in the official website
to prevent attacks based on malicious code.

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