[Tor www-team] Analytics Data?

andrew at torproject.is andrew at torproject.is
Sun Jan 12 01:45:15 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jan 09, 2014 at 10:50:29AM +0100, simeunf at gmail.com wrote 3.2K bytes in 0 lines about:
: >I guess we could write a script to generate page counts from a log file.  That would be fun and give a rough idea of what should be prioritized.  There may
: Analog (http://www.analog.cx/), Webalizer
: (http://www.webalizer.org/) and Awstats
: (http://awstats.sourceforge.net/) can generate reports from raw log
: files. Check 'em out :D

They don't work on our log files because we strip most of the information.

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