[Tor www-team] Proposed personas

Rey Dhuny rey at spcshp.com
Thu Jan 9 10:36:43 UTC 2014

I've taken the liberty of sketching out some personas so we have somewhere to start from and build on: 

## Tony Johnson, Student, aged 21

Tony is a second year student at university who is studying international business. Tony has recently heard about Tor through recent mentions in the national news and would like to discover more about it Particularly he has heard from a friend that it could be used to protect his web browsing whilst using the university campus public wifi.

## Angela Thomas, Journalist, aged 39

Angela is a journalist who has been writing about online privacy for the past year and would like to write a feature about Tor. Although she has previously experimented with Tor's browser bundle she would like further information of how the Tor infrastructure functions and the technical details behind how it enables online anonymity.

## Stephanie Davis, Security Researcher, aged 28

Stephanie is a security researcher working for a think tank. She has been a user of Tor since December 2011 and is a strong proponent for an open web. Since finding out about Tor, Stephanie has become involved in the Tor community contributing fixes and features to the Tor code base and engaging with other Tor contributers using the mailing lists and IRC.

## Amrit Ghuna, Doctor, aged 58

Amrit is a Doctor of Pharmacy who has been practicing for 19 years. Although he now lives in suburbia outside the city, before he moved himself and his family to Sweden he suffered political oppression at the hands of the government, eventually being labeled a dissident. After seeing first hand the effects of a restricted and monitored internet he was enthused to read about Tor in the local newspaper and would very much like to make a donation to the Tor Project.

I've also added it to the wiki: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/Website#ProposedPersonas

Thoughts welcome and requested!


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