[Tor www-team] First set of technical requirements

andrew at torproject.is andrew at torproject.is
Tue Jan 7 22:22:01 UTC 2014

On Tue, Jan 07, 2014 at 06:41:02PM +0100, lunar at torproject.org wrote 2.5K bytes in 0 lines about:
:  * It should generate static web pages, ready to be mirrored by our
:    network of more than 70 mirrors.

The site also needs to work offline as well. This means self-contained
and zero 3rd party requests. We don't want to host dynamic sites. We
have 5 webservers capable of serving static content, nothing more.

:  * The content must be kept in a version control system. The website
:    was kept in Subversion, but it should probably be migrated to Git.

Maybe open to darcs, hg, fossil, etc. I think we want a distributed
version control system, not just any old VCS.

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