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Simeun Furtula simeunf at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 20:48:44 UTC 2014

It looks like Middleman fulfills all requested technical requirements 
except the feature that would allow translation teams to be informed 
about obsolete content. It would be silly to expect such a feature from 
a software that is primarily a *static site generator*. Middleman itself 
*is* a static site generator. It uses markdown documents for storing 
content, which makes translation work a lot easier than it is now. Also, 
it supports localization out of the box, which makes it a very good choice.

As git is going to be used for storing content, I assume it wouldn't be 
hard to build/setup separate system which will take care of 
translations, and make life easier for content translators. Anyway, main 
features of such tool should be:
     - to allow easy translation of content (plain simple editing of 
markdown documents)
     - to allow easy translation of language files (Middleman uses YAML, 
which doesn't require much technical knowledge to edit)
     - to notify translators of changes in content of "main" language 

I don't know if any of such tools exists, although I believe there is a 
plenty of them. If someone knows of a such software packet, please let 
me know.

+1 for Middleman blogging support

Best regards,

On 1/7/2014 9:21 PM, Frithjof wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 9:04 PM, Rey Dhuny <rey at spcshp.com> wrote:
>> Hopefully we can come up with a system for i18n better than WML. Looks like
>> we have a couple guys with experience in the group.
>> Middleman does localisation out the box:
>> http://middlemanapp.com/advanced/localization/
> I think the real problem here is not 'having a backend that can handle
> multiple languages',
> but 'how can one store and edit translations in such a way, that
> * translation teams are informed about obsoleted parts of their pages, and
> * people with little knowledge about web development can edit the translations.
> --Frithjof
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