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Hi Lunar,
By static web pages, you just mean at the client side, correct? As in, we would use Django or Rails (say) to generate pages and then they'd be skimmed by the mirrors? Just double checking there's not hidden complexity in that system that 've not understood :)

Also +1 for Git version control. As you can tell, I'd also throw my hat in for using Rails or Django as the framework...


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We already have a first set of technical requirements regarding software
producing Tor website:

 * It should generate static web pages, ready to be mirrored by our
   network of more than 70 mirrors.
 * The content must be kept in a version control system. The website
   was kept in Subversion, but it should probably be migrated to Git.
 * It needs to support the “Don't Repeat Yourself” principle for the
   content, e.g. the latest version of the Tor Browser Bundle needs to
   be kept at a single place but used at different places in the
 * It needs to support translations. A changes in a single paragraph
   should be easily to propagate to translators and to then to

Hope that clears any further misunderstandings.

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