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We are at 89 subscribers on the www-team mailing list. That's quite a
success! Welcome to all! Feel free to introduce yourself on your first

I was hoping to wait some more time before kicking off discussions,
but it looks like we are already starting. :)

Rohan Smith:
> I am willing to assist and would like to get some high level
> information about the goals of this project.

Our main issue right now is that the current website is trying to serve
too many audiences at once. Andrew identified 5 different audiences in
<https://bugs.torproject.org/5998>. We need to design either several
websites, or a single website that better address the needs of these
audiences. Introductory material regarding how Tor works and how to use
it must be translatable.

The following wiki page also contains some notes from discussion we had
during the 30C3. Feel free to amend it with any relevant information
regarding the website redesign:

Technically, the website is currently constructed using WML. While it
works, it will feel ancient to anyone who tried a recent static website
generator like Jekyll. Getting support for Markdown formated pages would
probably help more people to write content.

The current website code is available using Subversion:

> It also piqued my interest because the current site is done with
> Drupal and that is my area of expertise.

To be clear about this: the blog is currently made with Drupal, but the
idea is to either convert it to a static website generator now or to
integrate it while redoing the website.

For more information about the blog conversion, feel free to look at the
tickets already opened by Andrew:

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