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On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 12:14 PM, Lunar <lunar at torproject.org> wrote:

> Tim Jahn:
> > i'm a graphic designer from vienna and would like to help creating a new
> > appearance for the tor-project;
> Welcome!
> > i read some of your entries and haven't seen any evident discussions
> > about the website-design and so on; could it be that i skipped them?
> >
> > if it isn't so, we could start to talk about the practicability of the
> > website, typography, colours, current design-decisions and a new logo?
> There has been no real discussions but also not many propositions so
> far.
> Please be aware though that changing the Tor logo is probably not going
> to happen. It's part of the current Tor brand, and getting a consensus
> is going to be terribly hard. I've seen many positive reactions to the
> “root design” iteration that has been designed by Leiah. You can view it
> in action on the left:
> http://photo.rmll.info/index.php/2014/Montpellier-Esplanade-Charles-de-Gaulle-J5/SDC10266

Leiah is also has it on her project list to work on a sooner than later
home page redesign to get things moving. From a 7/25/14 email on Tor
branding projects:  *#5 Tor Home Page* - as discussed during the dev
meeting the objective is not a complete over of Tor's website.  This
project will focus on designing our homepage to be more inviting to people
who want to donate, promoting more Tor downloads, and to promote some key
messages (for example, Invite your friends!.  The more people who use Tor,
the more secure you are, too.").

But if we could get some traction on this that would be great.

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