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Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
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Our weekly UX team meeting happened today. Here are our meeting logs


And the notes are below:

Meeting 2019-09-17

- Antonela
- Pili
- emmapeel
- Gus
- clash
- nah
- alarith
== Updates ==

    This week:
        - Catching up with email backlog
        - S27 roadmap review
        - Community Portal review
        - Met with a potential UX team volunteer at API Days last week,
waiting for them to get in contact so I can put them in contact with

        - OONI Explorer launched last week! https://explorer.ooni.org/
        - slowly closing trac tickets with ux-team to have a ligther dip
        - I'm cc in a lot of tickets that doesn't have a ux-team label.
Fixing it to avoid false expectations on what i can do
        - reviewed user research section content for
community.torproject.org/user-research. Waiting for steph review
        - did a cover image for gus' blogpost about our work in the
        - did a design review of the new orbot
        - #31286 - aiming on having a TB Alpha for the new Network
Settings UI. Filed #31768 for the onboarding >
        - #31660 - Investigating about ESR68 Onboarding >
        - #27511 - Working with TB New Identity >
        - Back to S27 Onion Services, i hope
        - Working with Alon on EOY campaignand what needs to be done in
Tor Browser

    This week:
        - coordinating ur volunteers for the tor training next week
        - finishing the agenda for the training next week + files that
is needed to bring
        - call with volunteers
        - sending e-mails to participants
        - user research training docs (demographics) translation to
portuguese ^
        - working with gus on docs FAQ s9/old faq
        - cross-checking q1/q2 faq

    This week:
        - more merges for the docs hackathon
        - meeting users in bcn, maybe new node still not sure
        - moving strings on TBB files, checked everything alright
        - updating translations after hackathon
        - git/updates training with stephw

    Next week:
        - community portal for translation - select
        - code of conduct translations
        - post for translators day sept 30th

    This week:
        - Working with Nah reviewing old-faq and support portal
        - Sponsor9: Reviewing UX and Training materials
     This week:
         -was travelling, now free-er

    This week:
        - started reading the User Research Reports

== Discussion ==

- Can we attach to the board as our roadmap?
https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/ux/-/boards> Yes, we can!
- No triage this month? - I can check if there's been any new tickets
added but last I checked there wasn't really anything new
- I saw steph was getting errors when trying to review/update this page:
- what are we using this for? > This was a work in progress for the
content, Antonela will push to staging and tag "needs review" to follow
the right workflow :)
- OONI UX Tickets, do we have design volunteers?
- Community portal translations: proposal with a need:
- i realised i can simply delete the unfinished sections on my local
repo, and generate a translation file that will not make translators
waste work.
- i can add a couple of sections there that we deem finished, and start
translating them
- I need the outreach material in portuguese for the training next week
-> Nah, please review if we have any typos! [-anto]


Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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