[ux] UX team meeting notes, 03 & 10 september 2019

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Tue Sep 10 20:33:52 UTC 2019


Our weekly UX team meeting happened last week and today. Here are our
meeting logs


And the updates notes are below:

Meeting 2019-09-10

    * emmapeel
    * nah
    * clash
    * antonela
== Updates ==

    This week:
        - more hackathon merges
        - code of conduct translations
    next week:
        - new strings for all lektors, recover fuzzy strings

    this week:
        - ux research docs for community portal
        - sync with gus about docs
        - f.a.q. s9 on dip
        - working on docs uxr for community with antonela
        - sync with antonela about next steps
    next week:
        - review docs, sync

    Last week:
        - made isa's vision letter blogpost cover image
        - reviewed TB9.0 Network Settings (#31286)
        - made assets for the Fundraising Team
        - docshackaton
                   - fixed https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/issues/14
                    - fixed https://dip.torproject.org/web/support/issues/32
                    - fixed https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/issues/38
    This week
        - sent august report for the ux team
        - made mockups for OONI Explorer Release
        - working with nah on user research documents for communities
        - running a design review over the new Orbot
        - meeting with Fundraising about DRL proposal and EOY Campaing
        - work on TB 9.0 New identity - #27511
        - work on S27

Meeting 2019-09-03

    * pili
    * alarith
    * cy
    * nah
== Updates ==
    Last week:
        - Websites maintenance meeting
        - Docs Hackathon prep
        - S27 report
        - DRL User testing proposal
    This week:
        - Websites maintenance follow up
        - Docs hackathon
        - Final Orfox update release
        - S9 meeting
    Next week:
        - mostly afk

Last week:
    - reviewing F.A.Q
    - planning activities in brazil
        sao paulo: 19 or 20/september
        rio de janeiro: 23/september
    - researching new methodologies to next phase of uxr
This week:
    - gonna migrate some parts of the F.A.Q. to the Docs Hackathon
    - keep working with anto: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tlsNmoGxqz4SP997qeS5
    - close plans for the activities in brazil
Nex week:
    - meetings with antonela and isa

== Discussion ==

- Google Code In - do we want to participate? Possibly with website
front end tasks?



Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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