[ux] Informal bridge user study

Philipp Winter phw at nymity.ch
Tue May 7 17:16:39 UTC 2019

Hi UX team!

Cecylia and I just had a conversation about an informal user study of
Tor bridges.  It's quite similar to David's PETS'17 paper:

The idea is to prepare a laptop that has a copy of Tor Browser, but
direct connections to the Tor network don't work from this Tor Browser.
To connect to Tor, the user has to find and configure a bridge.  We
would tell the user that a bridge is necessary, but not how to get one,
so we can observe how the user solves this problem.  We should also
encourage the user to share their thoughts, to get an idea of what's
going on in their head.  Hopefully, this will teach us about the current
user experience of censored users.

We plan to run this study at the Citizen Lab's Summer Institute.  It
will take place shortly after our Stockholm meeting, so we have a chance
to narrow down the details in Stockholm.

We figured we would share our plan with the UX team to keep you in the
loop, and to facilitate feedback.


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