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Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Thu Nov 15 14:50:49 UTC 2018


As we talked before, we want to have some coherence between the new
Probe and new Explorer. The best approach for this kind of massive data
one-page layout has the most important content in the hero zone. Then,
it starts to expand on technical data once the user begins to scroll,
which means that they have more interest in what they are reading. To
find it out, let's start with two simple questions: What is the
essential data on this page? And, what are people looking for when they
arrive at this page?. Then, does these match?

I think that will be useful design with real data. The content must
shape the layout. We cannot map *all* the cases (well, you can), but it
can help on having a quick overview of how the layout gets broken when
you have more or less content or which is the best way to approach a
kind of data. A quick example is on the country page, where you have
four digits measurement qty, and the real number is more close to nine
figures. That will break your layout.

In general, I would avoid the two columns. Based on the content I see at
the mocks, is perfectly fine if we try a one full-width block per section.

Another thing to consider is a sub-navigation. It will help users to
find specific sections more accessible. With a sub-navigation, you can
extend your data without sacrifice users time scrolling to see what they
are looking for. A fixed left column menu or classic pill tabs at the
top could make the work.

*Web Connectivity Measurement / HTTP Invalid Request Line Measurement*
Why don't we have here a top header color based on the results of the
measure as we have on Probe now?

*NDT Speed Test / DASH Streaming*
In addition to all the previous comments, I think that line graphs are
beautiful, and you could go full-width on them. We can have the same
line graph but different options to display, like pills filters. In this
specific case, having upload and download lines showing at the same time
allow users to compare both.

I made a rough wireframe to show what I'm thinking of

Let me know what do you think!


On 11/12/18 5:26 PM, Elio Qoshi wrote:
> As a little side note: Feedback on layout, structure and readability are
> most helpful at this point! Thanks again!
> On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 7:37 PM Elio Qoshi <elio at openobservatory.org> wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> At OONI we are currently shifting focus to the development of the revamped
>> OONI Explorer as the mobile apps are currently being polished for a release
>> soon.
>> I'd like to invite you to have a look at the current mockups with a
>> special focus on the Measurement Pages at the bottom:
>> https://design.ooni.io/mockups/explorer
>> Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us move forward with the
>> next iteration. It would be even greater if you could send us your feedback
>> by the next UX Meeting tomorrow! You can comment as a guest on pages
>> similarly to Marvel. You also don't need to sign in for that.
>> Thanks in advance!
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