[ux] support.tpo sync today wed 01/24 at 1700utc

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Jan 24 13:34:12 UTC 2018

Hello everyone!

First, we are having our meeting today, normal time: 1700UTC at #tor-meeting

If you have your Lektor set up, you can see the site!

The repo is here:

If you already have it set with your Lektor, you should update the repo
to see the latest changes!

Please take some time to get this set up and play with the site. Keep in
mind this is a work in progress :)

Besides updates today we will discuss the landing page display, Antonela
will have some ideas for us.

To recap, last meeting we were talking about having the questions
displayed open or closed.

see ya later o/


ps1: if you don't remember how to clone a repo and having it working
with Lektor these steps hiro wrote a while back might help you:

ps2: here is our pad of todos:

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