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Colin Childs colin at torproject.org
Wed Jan 17 16:40:21 UTC 2018

Hi Hiro,

Just to update the thread, the JSON is working in Transifex. However,
Transifex does not like having the translations combined with the
English source in one file.

Is it possible to split the English source from the translations within
Lektor? If not, doing the split / combine outside of Lektor shouldn't
cause any issue either.

Due to the way Transifex works, its easiest if each language could have
its own file, as this is how it will come out of Transifex. If this is
not possible, we can combine them before they are added to Lektor.

On 2018-01-12 05:05 AM, Silvia [Hiro] wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> I have actually rewritten everything so that we can use only 1 JSON:
> https://oniongit.eu/infra/portal/blob/master/databags/menu.json
> I thought in the beginning it was more convenient to have files
> separated like that, but since transifex is ok w/ JSON this is also
> better for me.
> I hope this helps.
> -hiro
> On 12/01/18 11:49, Silvia [Hiro] wrote:
>> Hi Phoul,
>> All the databags are in JSON now.
>> -hiro
>> On 12/01/18 09:11, Colin Childs wrote:
>>> Hi Hiro,
>>> Shouldn't interfere. However, I am seeing an issue with these files on
>>> Transifex, and am investigating to see what is causing it.
>>> Currently, uploading the menu.ini results in only the first entry
>>> appearing (/about). Looking at Lektor docs, it looks like it may be
>>> possible to use json for these entries? If so, that may work better for
>>> our translation process, as I know for certain Transifex has fairly
>>> robust json support.
>>> I will continue testing with the ini file for now, as its possible there
>>> is some issue with the way its reading the "path = " entries, and
>>> assuming they are all the same value. This might be something we can
>>> resolve in some way that isn't switching to json.
>>> Thanks!
>>> On 2018-01-12 01:41 AM, Silvia [Hiro] wrote:
>>>> Hey all,
>>>> I just wanted to let you know that I had to change the internationalized
>>>> menus a bit in the support portal. I hope this doesn't interfere w/ your
>>>> test Phoul.
>>>> Now I am using 2 files instead of one:
>>>> - For the menu items and paths:
>>>> https://oniongit.eu/infra/portal/blob/master/databags/menu.ini
>>>> - For the translated labels:
>>>> https://oniongit.eu/infra/portal/blob/master/databags/menu-alt.ini
>>>> If we want to translate the paths we will have another file for the paths.
>>>> That's all, all the rest stays the same.
>>>> -hiro
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