[ux] support site meeting this Wednesday Jan 10 1700 UTC?

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Jan 9 15:44:22 UTC 2018

hi there!

On 1/9/18 9:39 AM, Colin Childs wrote:
> If we are mainly wanting to use approval powers ourselves for outreach
> occasions, I think the only thing that would need changing is me getting
> the translators Transifex username as soon as they register. As long as
> we know that the user is not malicious, I can go ahead and add them to
> the project fairly immediately.
Thanks for clarifying this. I would say for us to try tomorrow to draft
all the steps needed from both sides, translator and us, for someone to
get started.

This is good for us to document the full process for when we do these
outreach occasions, so we are all on the same page as how the process
works and can answer people's question etc (an example, the folks on
global south initiative talking with folks in an event who are interest
or troubleshooting some problem their contacts might have had while
trying to translate).


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