[ux] support site meeting this Wednesday Jan 10 1700 UTC?

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Jan 9 13:30:55 UTC 2018

Hi Colin!

On 1/9/18 12:02 AM, Colin Childs wrote:
> Hi all,
> I will be at this meeting, however just wanted to note a couple things:
> We have a translator wiki page at
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/translation/Introduction
> which covers the majority of this process for both the admin and for
> translators. I will put some time in this week to update this page with
> information about the acceptance process, however the rest still appears
> to be accurate.

This is great stuff!

I was thinking of having the translators part with a bit more details
(for instance to expect to take some time to have your account approved)
and screenshots. Also include the review part of it (at least for the
website stuff). Maybe you and Tommy can work together on it? Let me know
if I can help as well.

From the perspective of the translator, things like who translated the
glossary, how things get approved, who makes the final call on terms etc
Are also information they would like to know, to better understand how
things works.
> For accepting translators, the current process (as desired by
> localizationlab) is for them to accept translators for the projects
> under their hub. This is why there is delay at times, as we are often
> waiting for them to review the list. I'm not sure what the best solution
> for this is, however I will reach out to localizationlab to see if they
> are comfortable with us taking that over.

Yes, please, maybe not take over but ask Dragana  to have someone from
Tor (maybe you?) with permission to do so as well? I think this is a bad
bottleneck, because we are doing outreach to get people to help and they
are not necessary always aware of it. Like it happened recently.
Let me know if I can help here in any way.

> For reviewing strings, we actually have reviewers built into the
> translation teams on Transifex for the primary languages. If we are also
> looking for well-known community members to review things, I'm happy to
> help set that up.

Nice! I had no idea we already had those! this is great. So I guess what
we need to do is to add in the wiki how that will work. I think we can
start with the folks you have and if we find problems and feel we need
another person to review it we could try community members. But lets try
the ones that are there already first.

> Talk Wednesday!

thanks a lot for this update! Lots of things I didn't know. Lets talk
more on Wednesday o/


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