[ux] Is 2018 and UX will kick ass!! First 2018 week status check in :)

Silvia [Hiro] hiro at torproject.org
Tue Jan 2 18:50:37 UTC 2018

Hey all,

I will be updating the open tickets we have for the support portal and
catch up on the styleguide to do list.

- hiro

On 02/01/18 18:11, Antonela Debiasi wrote:
> Happy 2018 Tor UX folks!
> I'm really excited about what is coming. I hope you too :)
> I'll be in India this month so we'll update this list about
> a couple of user testing sessions we are going to do there.
> Our current scope for the styleguide is close to being done.
> We are reviewing the content and some details in order to have it ready
> soon.
> Feel free to lurk there: styleguide.torproject.org
> <http://styleguide.torproject.org>
> I'll add the new icons to the portal too (#24664).
> As Isa said, our next major scope is having all mockups for each portal
> ready for our Tor Meeting in March.
> Also, I'm currently working with #24717, #24696 and #24133.
> Feel free to reach us here if you have any question!
> ◕ ‿ ◕
> Thanks!
> A
> On 2 January 2018 at 13:29, isabela <isabela at torproject.org
> <mailto:isabela at torproject.org>> wrote:
>     Hello there!
>     Was chatting with Antonela and this week *we won't have irc check in
>     meeting* (which happens on Tuesday's) but just do it via email as folks
>     are traveling etc.
>     First of all, happy 2018! I want to share an overall 2018 update with
>     y'all before going to my weekly status update (and folks should reply to
>     this email sharing theirs as well :)
>     The UX team has big plans for 2018!
>     =======================
>     First we plan to have all portals done by summer! Our main milestone is
>     the Tor Meeting in March where we hope to have a prototype of all sites
>     up for everyone to check them out and give us feedback.
>     If you have been following our check in meetings, folks are already
>     coding support.torproject.org <http://support.torproject.org> and
>     designing the other portals. So this
>     shit is happening \o/
>     We also know we don't know what is good for the user. (hehehe)
>     ========================================
>     And we must test what we build with them to actually know if we are
>     doing it right. This is the must crucial piece for our team to function.
>     So in 2018 we hope to add another member to our team to be our User
>     Research Coordinator.
>     We also want to put in place the structure for this person to succeed at
>     their work while doing it 'Tor's style' which is with user privacy and
>     security as the center of everything we do. And is with that in mind
>     that we are building a way to do user testing with the help of trainers
>     and users all around the world, by creating a direct interaction with
>     them instead of collecting behavioral data on them. Our user testing
>     program has already started with a few pilots and we have more coming up
>     in 2018, but our ultimate goal is to have it scale to a stage where
>     anyone who would like to help test and give us feedback on user facing
>     features will know how to do it.
>     Having this user feedback process on everything we build will help us
>     ensure we continue to iterate and improve our tools so they work for our
>     users.
>     Our roadmap for 2018 has already some big changes on the user experience
>     for Tor Browser desktop that we must get feedback from our users. We
>     will be working with the Tor Browser for Android team to bring these
>     experiences to mobile and we will have to test that as well. All the
>     portals experiences will also need to be tested, specially the download
>     flow. So as you can see the user testing work will be one of the most
>     important ones for us in 2018.
>     If we build all the things we want to build and are capable of showing
>     that to users in a way that they can give us feedback about it.
>     If we are also capable of incorporating tasks to fix stuff related to
>     this feedback into the dev teams roadmaps ;P
>     We will end 2018 with a full user centered development cycle \o/
>     Now my update for the week
>     ==================
>     I will be finishing the work plan for the sponsor related to all the
>     portals and the first user testing pilots in 3 countries we are
>     targeting.
>     Will work on reports for sponsor4 that is ending this month! So I will
>     be quite busy with that, but hopefully will be catching up towards the
>     end of the week on user testing in India this month and other UX work.
>     :)
>     cheers,
>     isabela
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