[ux] Communicating Window Resize Danger

Kevin Gallagher kcg295 at nyu.edu
Thu Aug 30 15:01:27 UTC 2018

Hey David! Good to hear from you!

A quick intro for me, since this is my first time posting on this list. 
I'm Kevin, a PhD student at NYU who is focusing on Tor in general, and 
Tor Usability in specific.

I think this would be a super useful change. I'm a bit worried about 
making the warning a bit more in-your-face due to the potential pop-up 
fatigue, but I think that if it's designed well (only asked once per 
browsing session, etc.) it would certainly attract more attention to the 



On 8/27/18 2:26 PM, David Huerta wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> A quick intro: I’m David, one of the digital security trainers at 
> Freedom of the Press Foundation.
> A recurring design issue I’ve encountered in trainings around Tor 
> Browser is accidental resizing of the Tor Browser window. This is 
> especially the case with Tails and other distros using Gnome, which is 
> set up to maximize any window dragged far enough upward. In almost 
> every case, no trainee notices the warning about browser fingerprinting.
> I have some thoughts on how to address this that I’ve added here: 
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/20260 and here: 
> https://labs.riseup.net/code/issues/15766 but curious to see if anyone 
> else on the UX list has thought about how to make warnings less 
> ignored or preventing not-undoable mistakes.
> Cheers,
> .dh
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