[ux] UX team check in meeting tomorrow Tuesday [a.k.a triage meeting]

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Nov 28 01:56:19 UTC 2017

Hello there,

last meeting I spoke about changing the name of these meetings to be
something about team check in, so I decided to literally use that:

"UX team check in meeting"

Let me know, we can change to stand up or scrum meeting? (our meetings
are longer than those should be but I would be fine using any of that too).

Anw, our meeting is tomorrow Tuesday, Nov 27 at 1600 UTC on #tor-meeting.

Like last time, we will review our roadmap and see how things are
looking for closing up November and start organizing December.

Remember December we have a week off so is a short month :)

Here is the link for the roadmap:


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