[ux] Let's get to know lektor

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Sun Nov 12 16:45:25 UTC 2017

On 11/9/17 04:48, Silvia [Hiro] wrote:
> The idea is that once you make your changes you will be able to make a
> push and a merge request to the oniongit repository. I understand a
> small familiarity with git is required in this case.
> Please let me know how you feel working with this framework and if you
> think it can make your life easier.

Hi Hiro!

just a quick feedback that I got the little app running on my Mac and
was able to edit the index page :) screenshot here:

But then when I clicked on publish I couldn't see the target server on
the menu:

I clicked published anyways :) and it did something:

But got stuck here for a while...

I also think for more people to be able to try it out we would need some
instructions on Git. Must people haven't never used Git or even have it
installed on their Mac. Something like:

1. steps on how to get git working on your mac
2. command for git clone?
3. lektor app installation (which is quite straight forward)
4. maybe a short introduction on how to get to the local host? like open
the lektor file from the git repo you cloned, click on the edit icon, etc
5. then some introduction to the little app functionalities.

I like it a lot. My publishing window is still stuck hehe so I dont know
if my changes will be submitted. Will continue to play with it later.


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