[ux] Can we commit to a "continuous improvement process" for torproject.org?

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Fri Nov 3 20:23:49 UTC 2017

I will answer some of it here and some of it later :)

On 11/3/17 15:44, Arthur D. Edelstein wrote:
> Thanks. I think my main question about going forward is: When should I
> start editing content or making other fixes? (Specifically I would
> like to work on fixing up the download page and getting it localized.)
> I'm hoping the answer is "now" or "soon", which is why I'm selfishly
> advocating a continuous improvement approach. :)

My ask for folks who wants to make changes are:
1. create a ticket and add keyword ux-team to it
2. hiro and kat now have powers to merge site things, would be nice to
coordinate with them as well
3. if you think would help i would ping comms - steph is also doing
small changes on the site here and there just fyi
4. about localization - talk with Colin and maybe hiro? I think that are
some old translated files or translation of the current site somewhere.
5. finally :) keep in mind things will change and we are putting a lot
of work on building the new design we will change to.

BTW did you had a chance to see the mocks we have for the new stuff?

I will send a note out there letting people know when is the time to
'not change anymore' the site. Which means is when we will be ready to
actually start implementing the new design etc.

> Secondarily, I'm wondering about if there are any plans to port from
> wml to a more modern site backend. One option might be to use a static
> site generator like Jekyll or Hugo. Another option might be to use a
> dynamic CMS like Drupal (which blog.torproject.org already uses).
> There are tradeoffs of course, but I lean somewhat toward the dynamic
> CMS option because it allows non-programmers to contribute content
> without assistance.

lots of questions! hehe hiro is investigating all that and we do have
similar requirements.

I will share more on this later :) because I want to organize things
first, this way you can see where we are and help us cover if we are
missing something.


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