[ux] Can we commit to a "continuous improvement process" for torproject.org?

Arthur D. Edelstein arthuredelstein at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 17:32:29 UTC 2017

Hi UX folks!

I have a suggestion for the main website that I hope will prompt a
useful discussion. It may be a bad suggestion -- please feel free to
bash it like a piƱata. Maybe something good will fall out. :)

Over the last few years I have been discussing with other Tor folks
the various things I would like to put on the website, such as
translations, extra documentation, project pages, etc. Frequently
someone makes the comment "we can do this after the website redesign."
It's very clear that the website needs a lot of work. The problem is,
the delay in funding for a full redesign is accidentally causing
delays in improvements to content, design, localization, and so on.

So my suggestion is to announce Tor Project's internal goal is to
"keep the website we have now forever, but continuously improve it."
In other words, agree never to "redesign the website from scratch."

If we collectively commit to a Continuous Improvement process where we
make incremental fixes in design, content, localization, code and
content management, we can:
* Give everyone in Tor Project the confidence they can make
improvements immediately without those improvements being lost after a
wholesale redesign.
* Give users time to gradually grow accustomed to website changes.
* Do A/B testing for new changes when needed.
* Work indefinitely, adapting our pace as capacity and funding permits.
* Get started on work now, deploying new things to users fast.

A continuous improvement strategy shouldn't limit our ambitions. We
can make piecemeal improvements again and again until the whole
website is completely revamped and extraordinary.

(One task that could be part of continuous improvement could be to
port the website to a modern CMS without making other changes. But
that's another discussion.)

Anyway, I'd be glad to hear what you all think about the question in
the subject line! Good or bad idea?


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