[ux] Internet Censorship in Thailand: User Practices and Potential Threats

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Mon Jul 10 03:14:34 UTC 2017

Thanks David for sharing this!

On 7/9/17 11:00, David Fifield wrote:
> Respondents’ common reactionary strategy of searching for a new
> 	proxy or other tool every time they encountered blocked content
> 	gave them more opportunities to be compromised by malicious or
> 	unreliable tools.

Very interesting, but tbh I can see that behavior.

People have a 'use and discard' relationship with things that they use
as a temporary 'fix' to enable them to continue another behavior they
get more benefit from.

At least a benefit they actually feel, like talking with someone on FB
is a 'touchable benefit' than knowing 'my privacy is protected'.. for
now at least. or this group.

Either way, google for something new all the time is not good.

I wonder how we could create an educational campaign on that, or at
least get more people in the community thinking on how to address this


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