[ux] This week's UX team meeting and tickets

Linda Naeun Lee linda at torproject.org
Wed Aug 30 18:20:55 UTC 2017

*Team meeting summary*:

This week, we made progress on the Onion Browser branding survey by getting
another round of feedback for the next iteration of the prototype,
confirming how to distribute the survey, and how we're hosting the survey.

*Tickets triaged:*

   - #*16665*: Circuit visualizer needs a cue about guards

   - isabela has an idea, and will write a proposal that incorporates a lot
   of the comments' ideas on the ticket.

   - #*23247*: Communicating security expectations for .onion: what to say
   about different padlock states for .onion services

   - isabela will leave a comment on the ticket saying she'll work on it
   this week.

   - #*22785*: Show an alternative icon for features that are blocked and
   not broken.

   - antonela offered to make assets for the progress bar once they are

   - #*22266*: fix the jump-to-80% issue

   - re-triage it next week, after reading it over again and thinking of
   the user stories.

   - linda commented on the ticket saying that we're thinking about it, and
   took notes of her thoughts.

   - #*20842*: Proposal: Improve Tor Browser font whitelist / bundled fonts

   - antonela will come up with font suggestions based on aesthetics,
   character coverage, printability, licensing, and file size, and comment it
   on the pad. Hopefully this will give her some feedback.


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