[ux] ACM LIMITS '17: "Limits to Internet Freedoms" mentions Tor

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Mon Aug 21 23:40:33 UTC 2017

This paper is based on interviews with 100+ people in Zambia, Turkey,
and Mongolia over a couple of years. It briefly mentions Tor and Orbot
in a section on the limitations of existing tools for Internet freedom
(3.2 and 3.6).

"Limits to Internet Freedoms"
Michael Nekrasov, Lisa Parks, Elizabeth Belding

	 In our research, we found that many technically proficient
	 users knew about Tor,  but that new users found the concept
	 confusing and suffered language barriers when attempting to
	 install and use it themselves.

	 When discussing security in Turkey, we attempted to introduce
	 users to Tor. We found that Orbot, an Android application for
	 Tor, was not available in Turkish. This was a barrier to usage
	 as all instructions and user interfaces required explanation
	 and translation.

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