[ux] UX meeting summary - August 2nd

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Aug 2 18:19:10 UTC 2017

(this might be long sorry)

11:57 <+isabela> hello world
11:58 <+isabela> ux meeting will take place in a couple minutes
11:58 <+isabela> linda is on vacation this week so I will be leading the
11:58 <+isabela> thought of just giving an overview of what the team is
up to (projects we are working on)
11:58 <+isabela> and answer questions if there are any


1) website redesign

So for the website redesign project - as i mentioned we havent sign the
grant for that yet, but we are working on it anyways and we have made
great progress.

Its a lot of work to map all content and reorganize it, the support site
is the one where we had more progress on that front, but now we are
'attacking' the torproject.org site, specially with a new comms team to
help out

We created the information architecture for the tpo page, here is a

Next phase will be to have it migrated to wireframes and do a review
with comms team. Worth mentioning that while we did this at PETS we did
got feedback from tor and non-tor ppl.

And after that, during the first week of september linda will come to
nyc to work with me and comms team and hopefully arma2 on doing the same
for community portal and dev portal (which are new sites we are creating
to organize info that exist now on torproject.org).

So this is cool, because if we have wireframes and info architecture
done by dev meeting in montreal linda can do a walk through f2f with the

2) mobile browser work

** android

Lets start with android :)

End of last year we start to build on orfox some of the features the tor
buton has and migrate the user experience from desktop to mobile.

We created the security slider for orfox and this is actually about to
be released at google play store any time now :) We will publish a blog
post on that too.

This was a small project (less than 6months project) but a great pilot
of what ux team is all about!

We had wireframes for the experience for dev to use, went through a very
thoughtful process to create the copy for the UI and once we had a
working alpha we created a user testing methodology that was conducted
by a member of the community in india with 12 users, so we got feedback
on our hypothesis.

Hopefully we will be doing this process with as many things related to
the user experience as we can next on that front is the new sponsor8
project: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor8

Our goal is to get all the other tor browser desktop goodies on orfox
and then rebrand it to be tor browser for android (this also includes
the ability to launch tor directly from the browser without the need of
3rd party app).

This is a cool project because we have different teams working together
to solve the same user problem is not just about the client but the
network behavior too so we will have lots going on at that front!

** ios

So on that front! we are following what onion browser folks are up to
the slider is vertical on desktop, but maybe could work better in an
portrait mode for mobile, is something to try and they are up to a lot
of good stuff :)

One of the things they have been working on is an onboarding screen that
rotates slides while the browser is stablishing the connection with tor.
Me and linda lurks their weekly syncs :) and we offered to help with
conducting a user test of it.

So currently we are building the methodology to follow for what they
want to learn with this test and when we are done we will ask the
community team for help.

And help means - someone who wants to gather 5 people and conduct the
test following our methodoloy.

This mojo: ux team working with devs to define user experience before
development and then with community team to test it, is the base for
what we are proposing to sida.

So is cool we are doing this now because we can see what works what
doesnt. Because we have to do this in large scale eventually!

3) desktop browser work

Alright! tor browser desktop, 20 thousand things going on with them :D
Since we started the triage meetings, we have collected different user
problems to solve

This triage meetings mojo is also a very good one as a constant income
of user problems and we want user problems! we <3 user problems!

So things like .onion domains + ssl certificate and browser padlock
discussion or the toolbar icons discussion, all came from triage :) and
its great that we are picking them, not only 'things listed as
deliverables somewhere'

For the work that is a delivereable somewhere, we are doing the tor
launcher work with the tor browser team and other stakeholders.

We have high ambitions on how to solve the user problems in this vital
step for our users - but is very very hard to do so and we want to be

This is the 'tor launcher automation' work, and for now we are only
updating the screens related to the manual flow - not automating anything.

We still have a lot to discuss to get to a more mature idea of what
'automation' means and how to do it.
Linda shared on her july update the screenshots we did for the manual
flow, right now we are working with tommy on part of the copies for the
ui and looking at what dependencies we have with the network team for
the progress bar behavior

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