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Thu Sep 22 18:19:55 UTC 2016


Here are Ame's notes from the Berlin meetup, which she shared with other
folks present but didn't get a chance to send to the wider list yet.



Hello All,

Philip, it was nice to meet you person. I hope we’re all on the IRC this

Here are my notes from the 11 Sept Tor meetup in Berlin UX session. Elio,
Philip, and Ame talked about the Style Guide and answered questions.

*Confusion: Icons Aren’t App Icons*
One comment about the style guide’s icons, which use a consistent graphic
and a word for the brand - they aren’t app icons. It would be confusing to
have such similar icons next to each other on a smart phone screen. Clarify
that’s not what they are

*Who Must, Should, Can Use The Guide?*
Historically there has been confusion about what is allowed to be “official
Tor”  with things like Ricochet or Stem as examples. How will the roll-out
plan clarify the priorities. For example: user installable software should
be consistent. Dev tools are potentially secondary. Long standing
challenge: some projects want to be separate, and some want to be official.

Q: What about language like: Powered by Tor?
1) Tor endorsed, paid staff
2) Tor community, volunteer-driven. Tor Labs?
3) Powered by Tor, but totally separate

Consider how to clarify membership in which group via the Style guide.
Examples: Whonix and TAILS aren’t endorsed by Tor

1) Browser and Messenger
2) Metrics Website
3) ? Atlas and relays
4) ?

*Documentation to Explain Rationale:*
Thank you to Philip for clarifying that “scientific evidence” isn’t the way
most design decisions are made.

*What’s Up Next:*
Linda Lee as UX team member
Philip wants to see more corporate design elements
Let’s consider if user-facing metics website (funded by Mozilla for 1 year)
is a good next touch point

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