[ux] Announcing Linda Lee as Tor's UX lead

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Thu Sep 15 18:20:31 UTC 2016

Hello UX list!

I am happy to announce that Linda Lee will be joining this team as the 
UX lead for Tor!

You might have seen Linda's emails to the list about her great research 
around user experience on censorship circumvention at Tor Browser for 

Linda will help Tor continue to do UX research, build hypothesis and 
test them to improve our user experience in the different applications 
we are developing. She will be leading the UX team and help us build it 
up so we can better provide support to dev teams.

I will be supporting Linda on her new role and we will meet in Seattle 
prior to the Tor Meeting to get our hands dirty on all of the above! :) 
Here is more about Linda on her own words:

     Hi team, my name is Linda. My mission is to make Tor intuitive and 
gorgeous. I'm excited about the current projects to create visually 
consistent products, target the mobile browser, and incorporate metrics. 
I believe in this team, and believe in the impact we will make with out 
work. We can make Tor so gorgeous that users will be curious to use it. 
We can keep Tor relevant by having a mobile presence. We can keep Tor as 
one of the most popular anonymity and censorship evasion tools with 
systematic and formalized testing. I'm ready to be a part of this!

Please join me on welcoming Linda to Tor and the UX team!


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