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Tue Sep 6 20:30:30 UTC 2016

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> Hi,
> On 9/6/16 2:09 PM, sajolida wrote:
> >isabela at torproject.org:
> >>Hello there,
> >>
> >>I am pasting below a draft for our internal launch of the guidelines --
> >>it also exist in a pad if you have suggestions to the text please use
> >>the pad.
> >I think the draft is very good. Now, I didn't see any link to the style
> >guide itself in it (nor on the wiki). Where is it?
> >
> >
> I am waiting for the final version, once we get that I will upload it to the
> wiki and add the link.
> Thanks!
> Isabela

This draft looks great.  I'm really happy that we're finally unifying our
design decisions!

Apart from the styleguide itself (which I'm assuming is in English), are there
reusable implementations of the styleguide, e.g. CSS stylesheets, or is this
something we should also devise at the meeting?

Thanks for all the work you all have put into this!

Best regards,
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