[ux] [tor-dev] Usability Improvements for Atlas (was Re: Globe is now retired)

Spencer spencerone at openmailbox.org
Thu Jun 30 10:00:00 UTC 2016


Copying UX@ once for relevance.

> Iain R. Learmonth:
> small changes

+ The 'Home' button is redundant since the logo provides the return 

+ When collapsing the window to mobile-size, the navigation doesn't 
stack well; 'Home' gets stuck floating right of the logo.

+ The buttons in the middle of the page are redundant and add confusion. 
  It is preferred to have one path to things; the navigation does this.  
They could be removed.

+ I am unsure of the value of linking to the torproject.org in the 
center of the page, maybe elsewhere as a hyperlink.

+ In 'Authorities', a list of all the flags could be valuable.  The 
icons have tooltips, but that is unneeded work.

+ Returning from 'Authorities', 'Flag:Authority', or whatever, remains 
in the search field.

+ With the title text, maybe say "in the box above" instead of "in the 
above box", to put the subject before the location.

+ Columns need some love.



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