[ux] I'm looking forward to our meeting in ~2 hours

Elio Qoshi ping at elioqoshi.me
Wed Jul 27 15:22:55 UTC 2016

Thanks for the reminder Ame!

I was last week on vacations and just got back yesterday, sorry for the
delay. I however had enough time to mull about what Philip suggested and
go on with some improvements I think you will like.

I am keeping this email short and concise, as I'd probably repeat myself
covering some things Philip already mentioned (we share the same view on
many elements).
You can find a new updated style guide proposal here: (sorry for Dropbox
link, my ownCloud seems to strike)


Changes I undertook:

- I changed the purple color to a darker one, very similar to the one
Philip suggested. This seems to be a good compromise contrast wise, yet
still look as purple when put as headers.

- I changed the green color to a darker one, as I believe the lighter
one lacks greatly contrast. This is one of the points I disagree with
Philip, but I'd be happy to bounce off ideas on this.

- I agree that the white on dark monochrome logo wasn't ideal, so I
removed it for now until we find a compromise for it which we can add
later on.

- I changed the font used from Lato to Source Sans Pro. It's an open
font as well, licensed under the SIL Open Font license. It works well on
all sizes. I prefer not to use Fira Sans, as that's been commissioned
especially for Mozilla, and I think we need to differentiate a bit more
ourselves, rather than using the same typeface Mozilla uses. Fira Sans
also screams Mozilla like Roboto screams Google so that needs to be kept
in mind as well.

- I don't think the yellow color of the onion should be that saturated
as Philip suggested. It looks too colorful on the logo in my opinion. A
very light yellow can prevent that.

- I added the monochrome purple logo version as an allowed use, due to
needing a monochrome logo sometimes, when the full color logo doesn't
cut it.

- For headers, white on purple boxed background might be interesting.
Happy to discuss this.

- I changed the Material design icon background to light gray, as Philip
suggested (just to distinguish it from white).

That's it in a nutshell. Feel free to mull over this until the meeting
and we can discuss then there :)



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