[tor-teachers] Wanna get more involved in the Tor community?

Alison macrina at riseup.net
Mon Jul 18 00:29:07 UTC 2016

Hi Tor teachers,

I'm writing today to see if any folks on this list want to get involved
with the Tor community team. That team covers things related to user
support (rewriting support documentation, answering user questions),
trainings (making training materials, teaching people about Tor, giving
UX feedback to the developers), outreach (telling the world why Tor
matters, helping with public policy campaigns, getting more people to
run Tor relays), internal community matters (writing docs about who we
are and why we make/use Tor, defining what makes a Tor community member,
supporting the community council to resolve intra-community disputes,
providing support to the humans who make and use Tor).

We're looking for people who want to work on some of the above things
and can commit to attending one meeting every two weeks and doing at
least a couple of hours of team-related work every week. Here's our
(bare bones) wiki to give you a sense of what we're all about:

Please contact me directly if you want more information about getting



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