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David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Wed Apr 20 13:46:03 UTC 2016

(CCing tor-teachers@ for which Library Freedom Project people are on and can
start helping.)


On 20 Apr (11:30:49), cippalippa wrote:
> Dear folks,
> we'll have the opportunity to talk and leverage HS/Tor at one of the
> most ancient University & Library in Europe. We'd propose to start
> something like "libraryfreedomproject.org" use to do in US but with a
> special focus on Onion Services.
> I'd ask to you if you'd share your list of case histories about using
> Websites & Hidden Services in the Facebook way, bloggers, artists and so
> on. But by common entity (persons or company), not by crypto movements
> or real anonymous HS. Cases of websites who think Tor users like an
> important audience for their contents and/or services.
> That's why I supposed the ML tor-onions could be the right starting
> point. I'll appreciate any feedback in contributing sharing cases of HS
> like these. If you prefer, or don't want to spam the ML, you'd reach me
> directly. I'll release the case histories list hoping it'd be useful for
> others too. 
> Just to say, we experimented lots of HS on related projects. By example
> one on many, last year we shared content data/social mining on HS about
> the International Festival of Journalism '15. Knowing guest's contents
> could be censored somewhere. And it happened on the clearnet, mainly by
> far-east, so this year we opened an HS to permit access to the entire
> Festival's contents b/c lots more guests were coming from censored
> countries.
> Thank you for your time and patience in reading this,
> [TW] @Gilda35

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