[tor-teachers] ideas?

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Fri Oct 30 23:47:25 UTC 2015

J.M. Porup:
> Are you worried about catching a cold? Or is "digital cholera" or "AIDS" 
> a worry based upon your circumstances? Could failing to keep your devices
> "healthy" result in "cancer"? How much "digital hygiene" must you use
> to minimize the risk of getting "sick"?
> Like all metaphors, it's not perfect. But useful, I think.

a nice metaphor. i've had some success with two concepts. in regards to
an operating system, i've compared it to buying a new house where all
the windows are open by default. in order to keep prowlers out, one
needs to learn how to close and secure the windows that they don't need
left open.

in regards to using tor for anonymity, i've used the the analogy of an
old string of lights where, if one light goes out, the whole strand goes
out. the user is at one end of the light strand, and the lights
represent individual servers that one connects to before they reach
their destination at the other end of the strand. tor can cover the
first 3-6 lights on a strand, and one can continue the connection
current across more lights, with the goal being for an attacker to only
spot and break the light that is furthest away in the strand, thus
destroying the current and having the entire strand go dark.

again, far from perfect. but, it has helped some people visualize what
they need to do with their machines and connections in a way that makes
logical and relatable sense.

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