[tor-teachers] ideas?

Tom Leckrone semprephi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 17:28:32 UTC 2015

Hi, all!

I appreciate the good thoughts and considered thinking that this list is generating! I would like to further invoke its power.

I am looking for a way to kick off an eight-hour training session for professionals/general public who are invited to bring their phone or other mobile device. 12:1 student to teacher ratio. I was hoping to learn some approaches/frameworks to start the day fast, by connecting user's daily decision making with their digital footprint/trace. I would like it to include description of how the data that we give up is used by the primary vendor and then others.  

I believe that if we can quickly demonstrate the lack of control that average mainstream users have over their own information, we will be in position to immediately describe our tools and how they mitigate these threats. And then, in the afternoon, we will be happy to help people install some tools on their own devices and get some practice using them!

Btw, related, does anyone have a quick way to convey the concept of "threat modeling” (or even “attack surface”) to the layperson? Or perhaps to allow participants to identify threats? (Construing “threat” broadly to include annoyances such as the encroaching corporate and governmental reach.) This will set the stage for describing the “security sliders” available on Tor and other tools.

Thank you for any ideas or guidance you might be able to share!


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