[tor-teachers] Politics

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Wed Oct 21 20:55:28 UTC 2015


> A certain discussion of politics is, in my view, vital on this list, but
> not in the manner of "partisan politics" or electoral politics, which
> miss the point and are counter-productive.

Family of European friends of mine were Partisans in Italy fighting
against the fascists in the 20th century. They're welcome in our
discussions and their experience fighting fascism is very important to
our struggles today. It is productive not only to include them but
also to understand the political contexts in which they operated. We
have a lot to learn from past struggles - from the struggles of
workers organizing in their own interests to the literal resistance
against fascists who wished to murder or enslave entire peoples.

The Golden Dawn and other modern fascists would like to do it again -
if we work together, we will stop them. We can reduce their ability to
harm others with surveillance systems available to such political
groups who control aspects of state infrastructure.

I encourage you to help train oppressed people, to find those who are
dis-empowered and to give them our privilege, to build solidarity
across political lines that respect our common humanity. Teach
everyday people, protect each other by caring about each other.

What did the sticker on Woody Guthrie's guitar say?

    This machine kills fascists.

I'm looking forward to building that liberty machine together with all
of you. Especially the Partisans who came before us and the new
Partisans who will bury us along the way.

Anyone who wants to team up for trainings and discussions in Europe,
I'm happy to host in Berlin. Anyone active elsewhere, lets figure out
how to make our efforts even more effective.

Yours in mutual Ⓐ,

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