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> I think that it's chiefly about exclusion.  It seems sensible to me that
> TOR benefits from any member- not simply those who subscribe to a
> certain ideology.  You absolutely need a dominant culture in the
> development community.  That's sensible.  I would argue that this is
> counterproductive on the teaching front. 
> What does everyone else think? 

responsible and mature people can have different political opinions or
ideologies and still work together, teach or learn without excluding
anyone. it doesn't require people to be silent if the speech may display
a particular political idea. from a teaching standpoint, i think you'll
run into a very large stumbling block if you want to stick to purely
factual/technical discussions when you encounter the following common
question, "why is tor important to others/you?" yes, one could say, "i
shouldn't really answer that question because it involves subjective
opinion that doesn't enlighten people in regards to actually using tor."
however, answering such a question also helps a new audience come to
relate to a technology that may be very confusing to them while
providing them with relatable experiences that may help them understand
why tor is a technology they may want to explore further.

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