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malte at wk3.org malte at wk3.org
Wed Oct 21 07:21:34 UTC 2015

Quoting Alison Macrina (2015-10-21 04:47:46)

> I personally would love to hear people share their stories around
> educating civic organizations and civil society groups -- and not just
> the police-- about Tor. I educate librarians *because* of the status
> they enjoy within their communities. But I don't want to dominate the
> conversation, so let's hear from someone else. :)

I know that the people of Torservers.net/Zwiebelfreunde educate german
police about Tor because they would always think "A crime was comitted
from that IP [of a Tor exit node], it _must_ have been the person
renting the server!".

CCed Mo and Jens, maybe they can elaborate further on their experiences.



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