[tor-teachers] Selling Tor outside the anglosphere

Lara lara.tor at emails.veryspeedy.net
Sun Oct 18 14:50:26 UTC 2015

Masayuki Hatta:
> I agree with Virgil.  Even in Japan, which is basically a democratic
> country, people tend to tolerate paternalistic intervention by the

Why democracy has to be opposite to paternalism?

Democracy means the people vote. And the election does not even have to
be universal.

> government, for their own "safety and security".  Thus, surveillance
> and censorship has some but genuine support.  And many people still

I feel you mean "censorship has genuine support". But it reads as
"censorship does not have genuine support" denying your statement above
about Japan being a democracy.

> tend to consider whistleblowing is a kind of "snitch", betrayal and
> unethical.  In addition, the "failure" of Arab Spring and the rise of
> ISIS cast some doubt on the value of democracy.  So, selling Tor

When one starts talking about *values* I read totalitarism. What kind of
doubts do you have against democracy? That people are too dumb to rule
themselves? Do you feel daesh is a bad example for a democracy? Because
daesh is a theocracy, pretty much like the papal states or Japan a
century ago.

> *only* in this context might have very limited appeal outside

I never had the understanding that Tor is sold. More like given away.


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