[tor-teachers] Extra Presentations to add to Wiki

Dylan Cooper dylanc119 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 00:45:50 UTC 2015

Figured I'd move this to a new thread to see if anyone is willing to divide
some of the leftover presentations Alison referenced earlier[1] that have
been accumulated over time.

It looks like there are upwards of 60 of them, and I'd be willing to tackle
some, but I don't think I can grab all of them without taking like three
months and/or forgetting.

As mentioned earlier, it'd be the most beneficial to grab a few, take what
is either missing or supplementary to those already under tor-teachers
wiki, and seeing what we can't "hack" together. If nothing else, this seems
like a good way to gauge what's missing, and what we can add that isn't
already there.

So far, I'm working on Lunar's, and can probably reasonably do a chunk of
like ten or so.


Regarding translation, I have a decent handle on French, but am very
beginner at Swedish...also zero Norwegian.

[1] https://media.torproject.org/outreach-material/presentations/
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