[tor-teachers] Tor-teachers wiki page

Steve Revilak steve at srevilak.net
Thu Oct 8 01:46:43 UTC 2015

macrina> Sorry for my silence on this list this month! I had the best
macrina> intentions of getting our wiki up and running, and then
macrina> Things Happened [1] and September completely got away from
macrina> me. But behold, I've made a page on Tor wiki for folks to add
macrina> their resources for teaching/training about Tor:
macrina> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/tor-teachers

Thanks, Alison.  I've added a link to one of my sets of Tor
presentation slides:

macrina> [1] here are a couple of links that explain the shenanigans
macrina> that mrphs and I got into earlier this month:

It's good to be busy :)

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