[tor-teachers] beginner friendly guide to safer anonymous operating system

Tempest tempest at bitmessage.ch
Wed Oct 7 02:53:27 UTC 2015

hi. i added the following links to the wiki.


this is a guide that has existed in various stages of accessibility and
depth over the past few years. it's a constant work in progress. always
looking for feedback/tips. it covers installing debian wheezy on an
encrypted external drive or an encrypted partition on an internal drive
with an external drive used for /boot. then, it goes through installing
whonix, a torrified system, via virtualbox. from there, it covers using
the tor browser, irc, pidgin + otr, icedove + enigmail + torbirdy and a
method of using immutable drives and snapshots in virtualbox to mitigate
various potential malware compromises.

the goal was to make this guide something that could be understood by
people who are newer to installing linux and using common tools in a
virtualized torrified system. thus, there are screen shots that
accompany nearly every step.

if anyone has any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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